eLearning Development

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Information Security & Privacy Basics

This module is designed to help current and future employees of the InfoSec Agency keep their information or that of their clients secure.  The training covers the three pillars of CyberSecurity (Information Security), the types of information that is typically stored on the internet, and the criminal or civil sanctions that can be incurred by the misuse of information according to the Privacy Act.

Tools Used:  Articulate Rise 360, Canva

Highlights:  Custom color palette, markers, flashcards, accordion, hotspot, and process interactions to engage learner in content, immediate feedback on embedded knowledge checks. 

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Creating Inclusive Workspaces for Deaf/Hard of Hearing 

(HOH) Employees

This training responds to the need for SmartWorks Corporation to create a more inclusive working environment.  SmartWorks Corp. presents this training to their Hiring Managers/Supervisors to improve company diversity. 

Tools Used: Articulate Storyline 360, Canva, WellSaid Labs 

Highlights:  Drag and Drop, accordion, and tab interaction layers for learner to engage in content, immediate feedback on embedded knowledge checks.  

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