About Me

Why I became an Instructional Designer

As an educator, I was more passionate about a learner's personal growth than their scores on standardized tests.  I enjoyed analyzing individual learning gaps and designing/developing meaningful, effective lessons and strategies to achieve that growth.  As an instructional designer, I can merge my strengths (collaboration, time management, problem solving) with my passion (designing, developing, delivering engaging materials) to truly bring personal growth.

What can I bring to your company?

As an instructional designer, I have a unique set of skills that help me to Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate effective, engaging learning for adults in any workforce using a variety of delivery methods.  My strengths in collaborating, problem solving, managing time and projects, analysis, and engaging learners can help your company create effective trainings.  I excel in analysis, developing instructor-led, virtual instructor-led, eLearning, and blended learning platforms.  I look forward to conversations and collaborations!

My Credentials:

Articulate Rise 


Articulate Storyline


Applied Instructional Design Credential

E-Learning Development

Virtual Instructor-led Training (VILT)

Instructional Design

These badges are the culmination of a 9-month program called Applied Instructional Design Academy. The Applied Instructional Design Credential is earned after completing the Articulate Rise, Articulate Storyline, eLearning Development, and Instructional Design badges.  Camtasia, Vyond, and VILT badges can be earned as electives. Earners complete 80+ lessons, receive extensive coaching, and complete a rigorous set of learning activities with practice, extensive feedback, multiple revisions, and the completion of simulated client projects. 

Outside of Instructional Design, I enjoy....




Please browse my Portfolio for samples of my work.